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Outlaw Faith Foundation

Stories of Strength

In Loving Memory of Vicky Newton Smith

Providing Hope and Community through BOOB SUPPORT since 2017

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Who We Are:

We are the Outlaw Faith Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2017 with a mission focused on donating 100% of all proceeds towards supporting breast cancer patients by donating wigs, mastectomy bras, and other needs associated with the survivor journey. Our goal is to provide a light of hope through the Outlaw Faith Fashion line and bridges of communication through our BOOB SUPPORT community for all members of the families involved. 


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Our Why:

Our foundation began in loving memory of my mom, Vicky Newton Smith, who passed away after she lost her battle with cancer for the 3rd time. I watched her struggle to stay positive and smile after long days of chemotherapy. She could only afford 1 inexpensive wig and 1 very cheaply made and extremely uncomfortable mastectomy bra. It pained me to watch her put them on day after day to feel acceptable to leave the house. And, on wash day, when she finally had some down time, she could not leave the house for at least 24 hours waiting for them to air dry. One afternoon, on wash day, when she wasn't feeling very positive about her appearance anyway, she got an emergency phone call from her business being on fire and had to leave the house immediately. She panicked, but having no other choice, she put her wig and bra in the dryer. To her horror, both were ruined. It took her over a month of saving every penny she could to replace them, but in the meantime, she had to wear both the wig and bra as they were until she could afford to replace them. I saw how uncomfortable she was about both, and at that moment, swore that no other woman should have to be put through that type of ordeal. I always said my mom had a story to share that could help give to hope to others. She never got that chance before the cancer finally won. My hope is that she can still help others and her memory will live on through a foundation in her honor.

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Outlaw Faith Fashion is a private label clothing brand founded in 2017 for women with breast cancer.

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Boobs Support

The hardest part of the battle is having someone understand what you are going through. As a daughter, I still needed my mom. It wasn't until after she passed that I found a community of strong women and daughters and husbands and sons who were all familiar with the boob battlefield. Boob Support is a free and open to all community in hopes that connections are made to help give the support needed mentally and emotionally during all phases of this experience.

Sponsor Survivors

100% of all proceeds are given back to the community of Breast Cancer victims and survivors. All funds are used towards replacement wigs, masectomy bras, and helping the families needing travel to get the care they need. The more we can do to help ease their pain, the stronger our BOOB Support Community impact can be.

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Outlaw Faith Fashion is a private label clothing brand founded in 2017 for women with breast cancer.

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women diagnosed each year.

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1 in 8

Women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

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decline in deaths due to early detection & treatment.


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"I have been wanting to donate my hair to make wigs for cancer patients since I was seven (now 8 years old) and The Outlaw Faith Foundation helped me to do just that."

- L.W.

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